Welcome to b1n4ry Visuals

The name b1n4ry (pronounced binary) was inspired out of internet and computing culture, however has many different meanings. The name was first inspired by the realization that a single change in binary code changes the entire output. I create a great variety of artwork that comes out of inspiration from nature, technology, science fiction, and the possible future as I see it based upon my current model of reality. My work will always be a constant evolution through different spaces using whatever medium is available at the time to best express my vision. My work draws from mathematics, Euclidean geometry, particle physics, and quantum theory and continues to expand in the direction of current sciences and technology. The interaction that biological forms have with technology and the shaky line we draw in between nature and technology also plays a big inspiration into my art.

Another big part of my intention is to create unique and inspiring interactive environments. I do this through painting, projection, projection mapping and live visualization with video, motion graphics and many other applications of interactive graphic technology to stimulate a shift in consciousness or to inspire meta-programming through visual harmony with the audio frequencies. Much of my work focuses around the idea of collaborations and I am involved in a few different art collectives and organizations that work towards the advancement of the arts and the creation of art in a variety of mediums.