Clozee - Set Design and LED Lighting

Roles: Production Designer, Lead Animator, Touchdesigner Programmer, Interactivity Designer

CloZee’s 40-city international Evasion tour in fall 2018 needed a set that was both rugged and mobile, visually pleasing and consistent with her image. With these requirements in mind, I conceived the idea of building high, lighted trees with LED ribbons embedded in the trunks mounting directly to the trunks and executed the concept with the amazing help of Paul Elsberg and Eric Davis.  

Moving heads bracket the trunks and lasers atop each tree cast all-encompassing shadows into the crowd, creating the sense of community commonality among people CloZee and her music represent.

Big thanks to Mike Morgenstern aka City Boy Lasers for doing an amazing job running the show night in and night out as well as developing the system and implementation of the DMX and Laser rig. Created during my tenure at Alt Ethos.