b1n4ry designs and builds immersive and interactive environments that create lasting memories. Using a wide array of mediums to cohesively tie spaces together b1n4ry creates exciting places for people to play, think and be inspired. Our focus on stories before medium and an ability to draw from diverse knowledge to deliver concepts in efficient, safe, and effective ways have allowed us to create very beautiful moments for people around the country. This comes after years of diverse expressions of graphic design, fine art, video, and lighting design from a number of projects and companies. Owner and Operator Zac Layman’s BFA in film studies from Regis University built a solid base to continue pushing the envelope of artistic expressions. Always seeking more knowledge, we work hard to understand the landscape of creative technology and many other fields that help him create the best experiences possible.

b1n4ry is currently working hard to create thoughtful show productions through his multimedia studio b1n4ry visuals. Our goals include continuing to collaborate with the amazing community of creatives in Denver as well as people he’s drawn inspiration from. b1n4ry wants to further explore the interaction that biological forms have with technology and the shaky line we draw in between nature and technology and how we can push that to a place that creates more engaged communities, and start discussions about the future needs of our society.