Zac Layman - Curriculum Vitae


    -Alt Ethos 2016-Present

A brand new VR/AR and Immersive Technology production company. As the Communications Manager I am responsible for a host of tasks from Marketing to Branding and I am also involved in instructing others on softwares and applications of media to various immersive platforms.

    -b1n4ry Visuals 2012-Present

My own visual and graphics company that I have owned and operated since 2012. I make interactive visual presentations for music and art events. I do graphics and motion graphic design along with a large number of new media services including.

    -Vinyl Works 2015-2016

Freelance Graphic Design, Production, and Installation for this sign company in Wheatridge. Designed materials for print, ensured quality during production and installation.

    -N-Compass TV 2012-2014

Responsible for a portion of the new ads and ad revisions each day. On top of that I had responsibilities involving development of new ad templates, marketing collateral and other design projects.

    -TV Channel 5 2010-2011

TV and Broadcasting Intern at this Public Access TV channel in Avon CO. I edited, created content, filmed events and meetings, created motion graphics, and scheduled broadcasts both on-air and online.



    -Regis University BFA     

`        BFA in Film and Video Production with an emphasis in Post-Production.


Exhibitions/ Installations


    -MTN X Fest Stage 2012/2013

Built and designed the lighting and projection surfaces as well as the visual content for two of these underground colorado festivals.

-Sonic Bloom PLAANT Mural Temple Projections 2014

Projection mapped the PLAANT Mural Temple at Sonic Bloom Festival

- Arise Festival “All My Festival Friends” installation 2014

Projection Mapped Live Painting Installation involving painting festival goers.

    -In Technicolor Group Exhibition: Techhub Art Gallery 2014

Group Art Exhibition featuring Sadie Young, Zac Layman, Stephen Kruse, and Andrew Lucero

    - Pancakes and Booze Art Show 2012-2015

Large Art show featuring emerging artists, stopping in cities around the country.

- Serenity Gathering 2015 Multiple Installations

Live Painting with Projection Mapped Visuals, VJing on the Mainstage, and Projection Mapped installations around the festival grounds were some of the things I did at Serenity 2015.

    -Redline Gallery Denver Open Doors 2015 Interactive Installation

With Signal-To-Noise Media Labs we created an RFID interactive Projection installation for the citywide Denver Open Doors Event.

    -First Friday’s at Gallery 841 on Santa Fe

Multiple months of installations at the gallery 841 on Santa Fe during the First Friday Art walks with Signal-To-Noise Media Labs.   

    - Firefly Gathering 2015 Triforce installation

Live Painting with Projection Mapped Triangle Canvases painted in collaboration with Zach Jackson and Bobby Kruse.

-  Sonic Bloom 2015 Painting Installation

Solo Live Painting with Projection Mapped Visuals. A Leap Motion was used to allow festival goers to interact with the visuals.  

    - Convergence 2015 Solo Show at Rickoli's Brewery

Solo Art Exhibition. The series explores futuristic imagery of future destruction continuing our behavior of war and destruction. There will also be the contrasting imagery of utopian scenes of beauty and how things could be transformed for the better. The scenes of chaos and destruction serve as a reminder that this side of us can exist within us all. The somewhat ambiguous message and style of my paintings let the viewer determine a message and even subject that best speaks to them. Using a mixture of futurism with ancient symbolism and archetypal imagery, I conjure up recollections from the subconscious. With this show I also have done a lot of live painting using the concept of projection mapped live painting.

- Art Outside 2015 Painting Installation

Solo Live Painting with Projection Mapped Visuals. A Microsoft Kinect was used to allow festival goers to interact with the visuals.

- Shpongle RE:Creation Ceiling Installation

Projection Mapped Ceiling Installation for Shpongle in Denver at the Fillmore Auditorium.

    - Stage Design For Lucid Vision and Skydyed Show

Stage Design and Motion Graphics for the Lucid Vision and Skydyed Show at the Bluebird Theater.



- Chaos//Order 2016 Two Person Show

Two Person Art Exhibition Featuring Ian Spencer and Zac Layman for Far Side Emporium in Denver.

    - Tesfa A/V Set

        Musician and VJ Coordinated Shows

    - Supersillyus A/V Set    

        Musician and VJ Coordinated Shows

    - IMERSA Conference Full Dome Production

Involved in the creation of a production for the Full Dome by Domelab creative for the 2016 IMERSA Conference.