In an ideal live show environment there are three of the five senses being stimulated onto the same wavelength of time and rhythm. These senses are: Hearing (Music), Feeling (Bass and people around you), and Seeing (Visuals and Lighting). All these senses wire back individually into the brain where they mix and create one Audio/Visual sensory stew. This stew can be quite an amazing sensation and it drives us back for more. Sharing in the same sensory wavelengths as those around you can be a powerful experience. People become connected. Unity is experience; a synthesis of the polarities. At b1n4ry Visuals I work tirelessly to create visual graphics and animations to coexist seamlessly with the music to create one sensory bath in which to immerse your central nervous system. I also work to create immersive environments that patrons can engage with, and be enveloped in a new reality.