Animate UV Map

Testing some things for a new music video series I'm working on. I tried using an image sequence to uv map a sphere. This will be used to create moving luminescence on a strang sea creature. 

Nefertiti Fluid Experiment

Recently, A pair of artists captured the Bust of Nefertiti in extremely high-resolution 3D scans. They made the mesh available to download for free on the internet. This sort of archiving is important in preserving artifacts and providing artists with materials to create derivative works and expand the artistic language around the topic of art and the post-modern age. 

This is one study I did with the model recently involving fluid simulation in the open source 3D software blender. 

The mesh can be downloaded here:

Firefly Gathering

I am on the road to Arizona to Firefly Gathering with some awesome friends! Molly Gardner, Elizabeth Banker, Bobby Kruse and I are packed up tight and driving down to live paint at a lovely gathering of humans and benevolent aliens. :::) hope to see some of you there! 


Working on a new series of mixed media paintings

I have begun a new series of acrylic, aerosol, and oil paintings. These present monolithic structures floating in space scenes. The structures are variations on the Platonic solids and some other interesting geometric structures..  

These three pictured are work in progress underpaintings done by myself. 

These three pictured are work in progress underpaintings done by myself. 

MythMash Piece

The current progress of our new project is getting closer and closer to completion. We worked on it today and hope to complete all video mapping work by tomorrow so we can begin on the next stage of the piece. Almost done! 


New MythMash Piece in the works

Sadie and I have been slaving away to bring a beautiful new piece of artwork to the table. Our new installation piece will be a tool for future proposals for installation grants and other installation opportunities. 



Did a little update to the site today. Check out the new art in the gallery and later on the new products in the shop. I hope everyone is having a phenomenal day! I will try to be more active on this blog space whether or not people are reading it.

Much Love

Current Events!!

I haven't posted in a while, so I'll put the current stat of affairs for b1n4ry out there into cyberspace. I am continually creating motion graphics for VJ loops, and other content as well as digital design for pieces of art both with myself and my collaborative project with Sadie Young called MythMash. We have done a number of live painting performances since the TechHub Art Gallery Opening show we did a little while back. We did an Eminence Ensemble headlining benefit concert for an organization dealing with terminally ill people over 18 who want a 'Wish' like the Make a Wish Foundation does. I have done a few shows solo as well with projection paintings including The New Mastersounds at Cervantes, and The Pancakes and Booze Art Show. MythMash Orgonite made an appearance at Sonic Blossom this past weekend thanks to Chris who was vending his dope wire wraps and crystals. A few of my friends were painting at that party too. I painted the other night with them too, which was a good time. All awesome artists and it was fun to co-create with such talented people.


From left to right: Collaboration between Andrew Norris Thompson, Molly Gardner and Stephen Kruse. Kieran Fisher. Mark Albright. Andrew Norris Thomspon. Stephen Kruse. Collab between Stephen Kruse and Molly Gardner. Molly Gardner. And myself.


All My Festival Friends Prints Will be available for purchase tomorrow at 11:11am MST

Prints will go on sale from the store here for the piece of art Sadie Young and I collaborated on at Arise Music Festival. These prints are limited to a run of 50 prints with each individual background being different. Nobody that purchases this print will have the same as anyone else with this print. We will sell the series 1-50, everyone will get a surprise background based on the order they are purchased in. Sadie and I have poured a lot of love and time into this concept and we hope to share it with a great group of people.

The prints will become available at 11:11am MST on this websites shop. Look back here for a link.



Upcoming Show at TechHub

We have an upcoming gallery showing at techhub. Myself and Sadie Young have collaborated to create an art duo we call MythMash. Born out of love for art in all forms and the synthesis of analog and digital we will be exploring these ideas through collaborative art pieces involving digital design with oil painting, live painting with projection mapped animated backgrounds, and other syntheses of old and new. Bringing the duality into one unique vision that creates a unity and a synthesis that stimulates conversation and hopefully inspires others! Look out for details about the show at TechHub in the coming days.

b1n4ry X Young SayDay Art and Design

As many of you might know already, I have been working with Sadie Young to create some awesome art, orgonite, and other beautiful creations. Our biggest undertaking so far has been the amazing installation idea that we have developed over the past couple weeks. Here is the artist statement written for our project by Sadie:


Here is the amazing video Zac put together of our new project from Arise where we premiered this new vision of ours. 


Less than a week later we have taken this vision to 3 different shows in Denver including a new canvas we did at the Herbie Handcock tribute featuring Motet and Dom from Big G and could not be happier with the response we have gotten. 



So what is it?

At arise we ran around and took photos of people who we thought were illuminating the Arise spirit. We did this each day, and the same day we took the photos I live painted portraits from these photos on to a 5x4 ft canvas while Zach live projection mapped around where I was painting. 




With a constantly changing background, everyone’s experience of this piece is different just like everyone’s experience life, and this festival. Having the faces ties the abstract with something we all can connect with, a human face, a smile, an emotion, each different but relatable. Together we are able to see ourselves as unique yet united, and through unity we stand, and arise. Transformational culture and the message of arise encapsulated visually. We are all apart of the creation of this culture and the change it can bring. The co-creation that is a huge part of transformational cultures such as Arise is the most powerful part of the experience. These festivals show that we all have something worth sharing and offering to each other, and how powerful we can be when we actively participate together. Our generation of Millennials is proving that we can create our own culture instead of blindly consuming a culture preconceived by big business; we are all active participants in creating a future, and together we Arise! For these reasons I wanted people at the festival to actively be apart of the creation and experience of this art piece and I could not have made this dream a reality without connecting to another amazing creator with the same vision and drive, together all of you, Zac, and myself made this piece of art happen. THANK YOU.  


It is also a celebration of dualities and the marriage of the past and the future; to show the importance and beauty of embracing technology while showing reverence to the tactile quality of the analogue. As a classically trained painter and student of art history I have a deep love for the traditional forms of art, but I hold great esteem for artist pushing boundaries with technology. It is truly a limitless medium that is being introduced in to the world of art, and I want to embrace it in all of its glory while still accentuating the intimate feeling of traditional mediums for painting and drawing with the human hand.

This is the work we did at the Herbie Hancock Tribute concert at Cervantes: