Current Events!!

I haven't posted in a while, so I'll put the current stat of affairs for b1n4ry out there into cyberspace. I am continually creating motion graphics for VJ loops, and other content as well as digital design for pieces of art both with myself and my collaborative project with Sadie Young called MythMash. We have done a number of live painting performances since the TechHub Art Gallery Opening show we did a little while back. We did an Eminence Ensemble headlining benefit concert for an organization dealing with terminally ill people over 18 who want a 'Wish' like the Make a Wish Foundation does. I have done a few shows solo as well with projection paintings including The New Mastersounds at Cervantes, and The Pancakes and Booze Art Show. MythMash Orgonite made an appearance at Sonic Blossom this past weekend thanks to Chris who was vending his dope wire wraps and crystals. A few of my friends were painting at that party too. I painted the other night with them too, which was a good time. All awesome artists and it was fun to co-create with such talented people.


From left to right: Collaboration between Andrew Norris Thompson, Molly Gardner and Stephen Kruse. Kieran Fisher. Mark Albright. Andrew Norris Thomspon. Stephen Kruse. Collab between Stephen Kruse and Molly Gardner. Molly Gardner. And myself.